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The Communications Industry: The Mission

Hi, I'm Ellie. 

20 years old, born in Kent and now a second year student in London. An avid social media user and an advocate for self love and mental health awareness, shared through content on my Blog, Youtube and Instagram platform. I study Public Relations and Communications, whilst also communicating with Brand PR's for influencer related work.

The communications industry is massive. It definitely doesn't take a scientist or data geek to work that one out. The more it encompasses your life, the more you realise how hugely important it is across every single industry. I may not have always been familiar with the role of a PR Practitioner, but since a little girl, I've idolised my father; a walking, talking, eating, breathing social networker.

"It was in my early years that I discovered, knowing the right people and building loyal relationships can make some pretty cool things happen."

It is only whilst writing about my communication journey that I realise how far back this interest has gone. Whilst at primary school, almost fortnightly I'd have created a new idea for a magazine or clothing company. I'd take a niche and design word-search puzzles, fake interviews and consider all the little gifts that could be sold along with it. I may not be a successful entrepreneur, but I'm pretty happy I've got my foot in an industry I've always cared about.

Digital and social media has always been at the forefront of my interests. At the age of 13 I created a ‘One Direction Groupie Fan Page’ which attracted 30,000 likes, and whilst the concept is amusing, it’s evidence I’ve always been a bit of a social media wiz.

Where do I fit?

Ironically, Public Relations is fighting an ongoing battle concerning its reputation. What is its purpose? Do practioners lie or mould the truth as a means of improving an image?

As previously mentioned in this blog, I have found Public Relations to be a ruthless field and one that is hard to initially understand. In my first year of University I found explaining the course to friends difficult; I didn’t quite get it myself.

“It’s kind of like Marketing and you sometimes send people free stuff?’

Although huge PR crisis are the most fun to explain to those that don’t understand the profession, they're extremely stressful and detrimental for the organisations involved. You can be sitting on the toilet, having a coffee out with friends or sat in the cinema when your phone beeps from a news app. Another story and new scandalous information.

I'm still working the industry out. Where do I want to go? What sector do I want to be involved in? 

So where do I fit?

Yes, it’s true that you have to work hard to get to the top. But why should you be in a field you don’t enjoy? Lifestyle and entertainment absorb every part of my life. Nevertheless, I have found that these sectors can also somewhat exploit their consumers, recycling the same products in different ways just to see the £.

In my two years of the Public Relations course, I have found these to be the fundamental characterstics of an organisation I want to be involved in.

One with a purpose, and one that gives consumers an experience. 

Who knows where I'll end up. But that’s the whole fun part this industry, right?

E x

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