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London students, I'm sure you will agree with me.. we didn't pick the cheapest lifestyle here. Nevertheless, we are living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Why do I love this place so much? You will never KNOW London completely. There are so many hidden gems, the most innovative businesses and always somewhere to go. There is something here for EVERYONE.

Here are my top 5 picks for drinking locations in London. Whether you live here, or you've never been and keen to visit. Do you have a birthday to celebrate? A friend to show around?

The Duck & Waffle


What is it?

Easily the best view in London. The Duck and Waffle is situated on the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate. Sit with friends and devour their bespoke ‘Duck and Waffle’, or sit at the high tables with a view of all the sites. The building is entirely glass, no matter where you’re sitting - there’s a guaranteed view!


Price? £++

I meaaaaan, if you’re not used to London prices, you may find it pretty spenny. To be quite honest, even as a student, I’d say their cocktails are a fair price!


Perfect for a date... or a friend you’re trying to impress!

Dress code?

You won’t be allowed in with trainers! Girls, it’s a little easier. Wear heels, flats or just some nice boots.

The Alchemist


What is it?

The Alchemist is a chain, although it's hard to believe. The space is incredibly beautiful.. with leather sofas, fairy lights and a bar space filled to the ceiling with scientific drinking appliances. Sounds strange right?

It's a great place to go with a group of friends, and the perfect location to drink A LOT! The drinks are a little too much fun. Be careful, you'll start making your way through the whole menu..

Price? £+

Inexpensive for creative drinks. They are standard London cocktail price... Take £25 for two or three drinks I'd say. Maybe not your contactless card!


In the evening it's definitely a date/post works drinks environment, although during the day it is very chilled. There's a gorgeous restaurant here too, I just haven't tried the food....yet.

Dress code?

The Alchemistt has a very cool vibe about it - I hate myself for saying that but it's true. In the evening, glam up a little if you want to fit in with the crowd.

Bounce ping pong


What is it?

This bar is a actually a lot of fun and works very well. Think dim lit bar with glowing ping pong tables, a bustling atmosphere and the occasional ping pong ball knocking you sideways. Enjoy your average double vodka lemonade, or take a sip of their original candy themed cocktails.

Price? £+

We were lucky enough to not pay for the table when we visited ,so I have taken some details off their website..

"£15.50 per table for 30mins, or £29.50 per hour, after 6pm daily

£11 per table for 30mins, or £21 per hour, before 6pm and all day on Sundays"

It may seem pricey, but once split with friends this is nothing!


Get all your friends together, thrive off the competitive environment and watch yourself gradually get worse the more you drink! Ping Pong highly advise booking in advance, although we didn't.

Dress code?

None! Go as you like.

The Amersham Arms

What is it?

The best pub for students in South East London, and I will argue if anyone says otherwise. It's a slow burner, but once it gets going, the atmosphere is incredible.

When? £+

A Friday night, 11 onwards..


To get very boozy. There are often small gigs or events which you do have to pay for, but these are a great way of getting to know new music. Link: https://www.theamershamarms.net/new-page-2/

If you fancy a night listening to indie hits, pop and classics, a Friday night is the way forward. A room full of very drunk people, a lot of dancing and lights swinging. Some of my favourite nights out have been here!

Dress code?

None! Go as you like. Just bear in mind this is right next to Goldsmiths University, so you're probably going to feel a bit un-cool.

Ballie Ballerson


What is it?

I love Shoreditch and everything it's about. A consumer of the 'Shoreditch formula' with it's hipster bars and street art. Ballie Ballerson is an impressive venue - it has an adult ball pit full of one million balls!! This place lis quite literally an adult playground, with the funkiest neon walls to take your Instagram pictures and a cocktail bar to keep you 'hydrated'.



Anything and everything.. A work do? A hen do? A post breakup activity? Bring plenty of friends and buy your ticket in advance to ensure you get to make the most of the place!

Dress code?

The picture above isn't an accurate depiction of the night. This one shot was amongst 10 or 11 others, where I'm sinking under the balls and Amber is trying to pull me upwards! WEAR TRAINERS and bring a bag! It's definitely not hard to lose your valuables, so grip tight or leave them with a friend!

Is there another area you'd like me to cover? Let me know via DM!

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