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Valentines Day: The occasion that splits a Nation

Valentine's day, the occasion that splits a nation.

Are you amongst those scouring the web for perfect engraved keep sakes, branded underwear or expensive chocolate? If you are then congratulations. You've found someone who you want to spoil more than yourself on a day all about love, or gifts!!

Although I sound pretty dismal about the occasion, I'm not all that bothered. Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones to have a Valentine this year but the feeling is still present, possibly because he's in another continent all together. Nevertheless, I can't help but let out a middle aged grumble every time I see one of those excessive chocolate stands in the supermarkets or walls of sexy underwear to 'spoil your man with this Valentines day'. The message behind the day is all a bit too confusing. After some research into the subject i've reached a conclusion, its about 'sending a card to someone you're in love with or attracted to'. So, for you single ones going to a night club on February the 14th in the hope of sweeping up an attractive stranger, you're apparently doing it all wrong! (Unless you get that cheeky number at the end of the night).

I've had Valentine's before and I honestly cringe a bit thinking about the lengths I went to in making the day special. I'm pretty sure I made my first puppy-love boyfriend a jar on 'the things i loved about him' which he may have just sitting on a shelf somewhere - and I definitely couldn't think of anyone worse than him now and I definitely was not in love! Theres also that friction leading up to the day, Who's making the plans? Who's surprising who? How much are you going to spend?

Then there's the new year break ups, which is a different subject all together...

Right, enough of the pessimistic stance.

Firstly, who says your valentine has to be a love interest? For those that are single or like me can't be with their partner throughout the day, why sit inside feeling sorry for yourself? Remember those who have been there since the beginning, listened to your moaning and seen you through more than one Valentines. I'm spending the day with my best friends this year and I'm still so excited about it. Unfortunately for them I doubt there will be lavish gifts, but I still couldn't be happier to spend the day with those I love, even if it isn't in the same way!

The message behind the occasion is essentially a positive one, it's all just become a bit materialistic and commercialised. Being in the situation I am in, where sending gifts is all rather difficult, I've realised the importance of the meaning itself.

So why not go back to the basics? Whether it be your partner, your best friend or your mum and dad - send a card! Valentine's back in the day was all about writing down how you felt about somebody else and making them feel appreciated, heartfelt words is all it should really take.

Or.. grab your chosen beverage and a box of family sized chocolate and cry the night away.

The choice is yours!

E x

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