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The New Phenomenon: Vlogging

Have you really been living if you haven't heard of the 'Youtubers' dominating the online world?

Names such as Zoella, Saffron Barker, KSI, Alfie Deyes, The Sacconejolys, Noodlerella and many, many more are amongst this ever-growing community.. and they're just the British Ones!

I'm amongst those who have been truly inspired by the confidence of these individuals and envied their fast-paced lifestyles.

As a 19 year old, I've grown up watching small names grow into global celebrities, who not only dominate the web, but bookshops and drugstores with their new lines and products. It can't just be me that created 'make-up tutorials' or '20 facts about me' videos that I shared on Youtube when I was in my tender teens, regretting them when people poked fun at me later on in life.

Youtube has definitely become more fashionable. Why? Partially because of the wealth and freebies that come along with this lifestyle, encouraging some to create accounts with the wrong intentions. For others, it is a platform which accepts all views and all interests, creating different hubs of loyal online communities. Either way, the majority of views have changed. I don't tend to cringe too much at my old videos anymore, I've learnt that if I love watching people's content, why not make my own?

My blog was created in summer 2016 (www.ellietyrrell.com) and I used it as a platform to talk about my personal experiences in the hope of inspiring and helping other people who have gone through similar situations. At first I predicted a strong backlash of negative opinions, possibly resulting in me deleting my blog entirely...I was wrong. In fact, it's incredible watching the amount of people transferring their thoughts onto paper and creating blogs broadcasting their own feelings, experiences and ideas. The blogging community has created a space on the internet in which we are all encouraged to make creative content, knowing we will be listened to and that we can influence other people!

I had this itching feeling; an urge to start creating my own Youtube channel and putting a 'Face to the Name'. I can only compare it to wanting to make a phone call rather than send a text. You know you have way too much say, or what you're trying to explain could be misinterpreted, so you'd prefer to have a proper conversation with someone instead. Although a camera isn't exactly the same as another a person, it enables you to vocalise your opinions and share special moments with others that you can one day look back on.

After making my first Youtube video which was simply a 'Vlog around Greenwich', I looked at the analytics and I was left absolutely speechless! I'm no expert and I definitely do not have a PA. Simply sharing my content with my Facebook friends, Instagram followers and through some Twitter pages specialising in blogging, I had reached an audience from countries all over the world. I know I'm not the only one who is excited at the concept of making creative content and building up a following of people online.

Im absolutely ecstatic to announce that the JackPetchey Foundation and the Media Trust is in partnership with Youtube and The Evening Standard, presenting you with the 'Vlogstar Challenge'. The workshop enables you to gain irreplaceable skills from the social media site itself - (WHAAAT!?! - Inside I'm screaming). This event will take place on the 12th March 2018 with 80 incredible places available.

Even if you class yourself as an introvert, this challenge will empower you to spread your own social issues and opinions, teaching you how to be yourself on camera. Many Youtubers have confessed that it was vlogging that gave them the confidence they always needed, giving them a platform to create their own identity. This workshop will give hands on training with lighting, sound and editing; an incredible way to kick start your own Youtube channel by simply using your smartphone. The workshop is completely free despite the amount of skills that will be gained from the experience.

Once you have finished the workshop, you will be invited to enter your vlog into the Vlogstar competition. There will be 150 semi-finalists who will all be invited to a workshop at Youtube HQ, with the 15 finalists invited to their state of the art production space. The competition winner will be announced this summer, awarded with £2,000 for their youth organisation, £500 for production equipment and one-to-one mentoring with Youtube themself!

Our generation is the most open minded yet and you have a voice. Come and share it.

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/2070340703252842/

Youtube video revealing last years experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKdHpJjgJ4Y

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