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2016 was an insane year for me and I really think I've developed as a person. Here's a few of my favourite items from the year, and how they have saved me visually & mentally!


I've always been obsessed with good makeup, but oh my goodness I was not giving my brows the love they deserved. I get the comment, 'I like how they are now, think you should keep them like this' an awful lot - a nice way of saying that they looked awful before! I was using an eyebrow powder but didn't pay any attention to how I applied it, the amount I used or my natural eyebrow shape! I made the change of eyebrow waxing to threading and I think it's helped make a good improvement. Admittedly, I let them grow and treated myself to a £19 eyebrow threading at Blink bar in Canary Wharf, BUT there's a high chance I will be back despite the price. It may seem excessive but with my crazy bushy hair, my brows are extremely wild! The makeup products which have helped this transformation are the Soap & glory eyebrow pen, running it along the bottom of my brows and to outline the shape. For filling my browns in I rely on the Hourglass eyebrow pencil, it's so soft to apply and buildable - stopping you from creating those awful blocks on your face!

2. The music which kept me going - The Skints

Sounds cliche but hear me out. I've never really had a broad music taste and if someone turns to me and asks 'what music are you into?' I have that internal panic, 'Is this answer going to determine our entire friendship!?!?! (how extra) I've always just liked what I've liked, going through phases of soul, reggae, grime and most pop songs that appear in the top 40 favoured by 6 year olds. I was introduced to The Skints and they're music really is bloody fantastic. It incorporates so many styles including reggae, ska, soul, grime and hip-hop. They've been described as 'the torchbearers for modern British reggae music' and 'music from Jamaica in a London style', with the smartest lyrics that are stuck in your head for days. After seeing them at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells I can't help but reminisce every time i hear one of their songs, the most insane atmosphere i've ever been in. Through all the revision and all the long commutes to work I listened to their albums on shuffle and it's thanks to them, like a large cappuccino, i was left pretty uplifted.

3. My happy little haven

I've been lucky enough to go to Thailand twice, the first trip Koh Sumui and the second Hua Hin. Coincidentally I left for both at times when things had been a bit difficult at home, and the people, the environment and the down time really helped me. I'm not sure whether it is due to the majority's buddhist beliefs or just the general social morals, but the Thai are the most lovely people i have ever met. In fact, i've kept in contact with a few of the staff from our holidays and have them on my social media, so shout out to you guys! Thailand is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world, yes my experiences have been pretty sheltered, but the views really are priceless. I haven't traveled too much out of choice, but Thailand is one area I'd love to explore, learning more about their culture. I am so incredibly jealous of all the people my age who have gone travelling there this year..

4. The Ben to my Jerry's

I've always told myself I wouldn't name and shame on this blog, but I do try and give the credit where its due. I met my Best Friend at the start of summer 2016 and I really could not be happier. I'm 'only 19' so its your choice wether to take me seriously or not. I've had good relationships and i've had bad ones, that's just life. I was starting to go on a bit of a downwards spiral and its thanks to Ben that my whole perception on life has changed and i'm mentally a much healthier person. 2016 taught me to value those who motivate you whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. We're a good team, and I can't wait to see where we go. Thanks mate x

5. I don't need any words for this one - Saving me all day everyday

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