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A Happy Medium - Part 2: Doing what makes you happy

As cliché as the title may sound I've come to a realisation, over the last 7 years in particular, that people are afraid to do 'what makes them happy'.

I mean so long as it's morally and ethically okay, surely we should take life and strive to do everything and anything to help us succeed; most importantly helping us to enjoy life that little bit more. Wrong? Apparently so amongst a lot of teenagers who just don't like anything 'different'.

My personal experience?

If you know me you will have most definitely seen the worlds most embarrassing, cheesy and mainstream 'makeup tutorial' I posted on my YouTube channel back in 2014. At the time I did it because I had a 'passion' for makeup; I wanted to share my hobby with other people who ALSO enjoyed it. I've always engaged with social media and new media platforms and with the rise of Youtubers like Zoella I thought it was fascinating and simply fun. Of course, a vast majority of people I lived near hated it and made fun of it, and for a while I didn't care. Mainly because it was boys that did it to my face, (when they weren't the ones engaging with makeup anyway), and the girls would just say it behind my back.

What a lot of people don't know is that as much as people mocked it, I was meeting with a luxury makeup/skincare store close to where I lived in the hope of doing my own makeup event. I would have to sell a certain amount of tickets in the hope those people would spend money on products, with professional makeup artists from my favourite brand coming along to share their skills.

Why didn't it happen?

The store needed me to carry on with my YouTube channel, and I was simply scared of being judged and what people would think. How awful is that? I see so many people starting blogs, like me, YouTube channels and seeking to sell new products for up and coming labels/food products and I applaud them. I can't see what is so wrong with trying to do something which would potentially open new opportunities, but it is just so hard to not listen to the hate you get from it.

I've made the video private now, but it reached a total of 1.6K views across over 50 countries and I made a blog at the time too. I'll share the only post I did because I'm not embarrassed of how I tried to start something, I'm just not eager to write solely on beauty anymore. I hid the video purely because my makeup style has improved so much more now, and who knows, maybe one day I will make another one. Link (http://itsjustelliee.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1)

Where am I now?

I wrote my CV and went into that same chain at a store in London near my Uni and told them about my eagerness to learn about beauty and skincare. A brand with staff equipped with so much knowledge of their products and some with professional makeup training, I just didn't think they'd want me. Although I didn't think of it at the time, who knows if what people once said affected my thought process.

As I sit on the train writing this I am on route to that same job, and suddenly what people have to say doesn't matter anymore.

Take every opportunity you are given, because you may one day regret it. Are you really going to let people's opinions impact your decisions when one day they won't matter anymore?

I believe in you


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