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@ 3 years old - 'I want to be a Disney Princess'

@ 5 years old - 'I'm going to be a pop star and drive a red convertible'

@ 7 years old - 'I'm going be a fashion designer with my shop 'PINK' and everything is going to be a different colour pink' (how original Ellie)

@ 10 years old - 'an actress like the Olsen Twins'

@ 15 years old - I don't care

@18 years old - BALLS.

This was me just a few months ago-in an absolute state.

You spend so many of your younger years discussing all the things you want to be when your older, and most of them inspired by rich celebrities you see on TV with glamorous lifestyles. Then you reach 17 and Uni is the most asked about question, the attempt to escape from conversations which just mention the word is physically impossible. In my experience talking about Uni was particularly daunting because I had NO idea what to study. The whole situation felt mind boggling and infuriating, I just felt completely useless.

I attend a Grammar school which is particuarly competitive. I have always enjoyed the concept of learning at school ( as cheesy as it may sound), and I always liked the idea of carrying on my education. I've always found myself falling nearer the bottom of the pack when it comes to work, surrounded by some very intelligent people. When entering my last year of sixth form, I was certain that I was the only person who didn't know what they're plan was for the next few years of their life

I couldn't have been more wrong.

As I started talking to the people around me (after some embarrasing breakdowns at school) I realised that other people were in the EXACT same position as me. From personal experience, at grammar school Uni often seems the obvious choice and the only option (I'm sure this applies to almost any time of secondary school). It was only until I spoke to the careers department at school that I realised the amazing apprenticeships some HUGE companies offer, an option which hadn't been adervtised to me at all. It was only after this talk that i realise - I HAD OPTIONS! I did research what was on offer as Uni didn't feel essential to me, although I found myself envying those around me who had found a course and would experience the 'uni life'..(which is so frequently talked about)

But is the 'Uni life' really a valid reason for years worth of debt?

From a young age I've always had a huge interest in the business world and being a 'grown up'. I have grown up with my father's occupation centred around the music industry, something which had always been of huge interest due to its ever-changing nature . Since the age of 13 I have found a huge interest in the world of the Internet, particullary social media which was an exciting concept to me. I was drawn into the idea of being able to create your own online profile as a means of networking with hundreds of people, it took 5 years later for me to find Public Relations. I didn't just wake up one day with the interest in the subject, I dwelled for a while on things I'm passionate about and did a lot of research. In my experience talking to the people in the industry was so useful and very exciting, there are so many career paths i had no idea about! The more I looked into PR the more I loved it, it felt so perfectly suited to me.

'So what do you want to be when you grow up?

I have a goal, not a life plan. One to work hard and make things happen.

I applied to do PR at some Uni's which I loved, and have recieved my offers. I'm incredibly proud of getting them, but I'm not going to stop there. The industry requires experience, and I will attempt to dive into the buisness world as early as possible. I want to do something I'll enjoy and something that is meant for me. So far I've worked at The Brit Awards alongside some amazing people and gained some incredible experience. I've realised how essential gaining this experience really is with making your name heard. Stepping my little size 5 feet a few steps further into the buisness world is such an exciting prospect to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't worry. 5 months later and I have never felt so different. I have gone from feeling untalented and clueless, to incredibly motivated. There are so many options out there - 'The world is your oyster'.

E x

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